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3-Week Summer Immersion Program

Learn To Teach Yoga

4th Avenue Yoga’s three week 200-hour Summer Immersion program provides life changing opportunities for those who want to deepen their self-understanding and knowledge to yoga with those who are committed to teaching and influencing others. Together we create a supportive community in which hard work, commitment, focus, and authentic practice create lasting results body, mind, and soul.

This course is for those people whose schedules demand an immersion and quick re-entry to Yoga.

It is perfect for college students, parents who can find help with children within limited time blocks, employees who are able to use vacation days for bursts of time, and for those who learn most effectively by diving deep into a subject.

Over the course of three intensive weeks, students will enter the world of yoga and will arise ready to teach or to practice with more authentic knowledge and understanding. Each day’s training will be wrapped in learning asana (poses), yoga tradition, breath work, anatomy, meditation, the roles and boundaries of teachers and students, the subtle body, and much more. Out-of-studio hours include practicing yoga, reading, written homework assignments, and observations.

Graduate Reviews

A Stellar Curriculum…

If you’re looking to learn about yoga in its authenticity, whether you just want to deepen your knowledge of yoga or learn how to teach it, nobody I have ever met is more passionate about yoga than Roscha. She puts together a stellar curriculum and when you get to the end of the journey, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve grown and changed. Roscha brings in knowledgeable staff and experts as well that really help you grow a deep understanding of the topics. I found it an incredibly challenging, rewarding experience that opened up doors inside my heart that I didn’t even know were there. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the experience.

The Best Thing I Could Have Done for Myself…

Getting my YTT training through Roscha, and her fellow teachers at 4th Avenue was the best thing I could have done for myself. The knowledge of history, philosophy, and mechanics of Yoga was in-depth and has given me a strong base. Our instruction on teaching poses and breath-work will stay with me as I go about my own practice and sharing my practice with others. All three of our instructors have a passion for sharing authentic Yoga with the world. I am ever grateful for this experience.

A Well Rounded Experience…

I’m so happy with my decision to do my YTT at 4th Avenue Yoga. It was Roscha’s style as a yoga instructor that inspired my interest in becoming a teacher. She has such a depth of knowledge and experience and a true love of yoga. The other instructors, as well as the business, anatomy and Ayurvedic guest educators, were great at adding additional elements and insights that made this such a well rounded experience.

The Reward is an Amazing Journey of Self-Exploration and Discovery…

The yoga teacher training program at 4th Avenue Yoga was an amazing experience which deepened my knowledge of yoga in numerous ways, yoga is so much more than the poses. The program was much more challenging than I had initially expected and the time commitment is significant, however the reward is an amazing journey of self-exploration and discovery that has prepared me to be a yoga instructor. The class size was small, allowing for a very personal experience. Roscha is an excellent teacher and mentor who encourages students to find their own path in their yoga journey. She is a knowledgeable, experienced yoga instructor with a passion for yoga that is evident in her teaching.

Your yoga journey begins now.

4th Avenue Yoga of Sioux Falls has classes available for all ages and skill levels. Currently, all classes are being held online. This allows you to improve your practice in the comfort of your own home.

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