Roscha Zoet

Roscha Zoet is a certified yoga instructor. Her exploration of yoga began 28 years ago. it did not take long before Roscha developed a serious relationship with her yoga practice and in 1989 began teaching. She completed her first teacher training with Moonyeen Park and as the years passed, with many other masterful teachers. Although Roscha has taught numerous styles of yoga, her heart and soul is in vinyasa flow. The use of breath awareness, proper alignment, and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in her classes. Roscha is grateful for the many yoga students who have walked the yogic path with her, many going on to become masterful instructors. Her inspiration and constant goal is to maintain the authenticity of yoga in her teaching and her practice.

Private Sessions
Roscha also offers private yoga sessions at $75/60 minutes. Contact her at 605-595-6743 to book your session. 

Close your eyes, look inside, and see the perfection. 

— Roscha


I’m getting so much stronger!

“When I leave the studio, I feel like a new woman!  Roscha is a very caring instructor, helping me to grow my practice, and helping me to integrate into a stronger person, both inside and out. I look forward to practicing yoga with you for many years. You inspire me!”

- K.N.

4th Avenue Yoga is the place to practice.

I’ve been a weary yogi since returning from my teacher training in Bali. I’ve found many good teachers in the United States, but I couldn’t find a teacher that made me feel the tranquility of my beloved guru, Anjili. That was until I took a class from Roscha. No words can describe the moment of peace I felt in Roscha’s class, it catapulted me back to Bali. Many people may have experienced that peace through yoga, many may not have experienced that peace just yet, but I assure you- Roscha is talented, a profound teacher. Attend a class, prepare to laugh, and prepare for peace endowed by skilled teacher. I can attest to the established yogi, and to the new yogi that 4th avenue yoga is the place to practice.

- P.W.

It is therapy in it’s own way.

“Through Roscha’s yoga classes I have learned excellent ways to deal with life stress and coping techniques for anxiety. I would recommend this for anyone. It is not only a life skill, but it is therapy in it’s own way. Balance, movement,  and strength for both the mind and body. I absolutely love it, and have introduced my daughters to it; they love it as well. Roscha’s teaching style fits our needs perfectly.”

- L.M.


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