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Providing a serene, safe, and welcoming space where students can explore and develop their very own personal yoga journey.

Instructor Spotlight

My passion for yoga began in 2010  

when I attended my first class and was inspired to begin practicing yoga regularly.  The benefits of a regular yoga practice have been numerous; both on and off the mat.  While I have experienced the physical benefits of increased flexibility, strength, and endurance, the changes that I treasure the most are those that happened to me as my yoga practice evolved.  Increased self-confidence, positive body image, and the ability to calm the mind in the midst of chaos, just to name a few.  In 2017, I felt led to enroll in the 200-hour yoga teacher training program right here at 4th Avenue Yoga.   

My classes are a no judgment zone, with the idea that it is YOUR yoga practice, you will be encouraged to listen to your body and align movement with breath.   I love to laugh, and have a sense of humor so classes will likely reflect that aspect of my personality.   



I love this yoga studio! It’s a friendly, welcoming, and peaceful place to grow my practice.” ~ Kristi

4th Avenue Yoga, 1815 S. 4th Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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