4th Ave Yoga
Providing a serene, safe, and welcoming space where students can explore and develop their very own personal yoga journey.

Instructor Spotlight

4th Avenue Yoga is my Sanctuary.  

It is where I was nurtured as a Yoga student and encouraged to look deep inside myself.  This listening to the still, quiet voice within allowed me to find the courage to enroll in Yoga teacher training with Roscha and her teaching staff. Since then, doors have opened for me to teach my own Yoga classes. 

In my Yoga classes, I strive to provide that experience of Sanctuary for my students just as I continue to receive from my teacher.  My classes consist of slow moving flow intermixed with longer holds that allow us to challenge ourselves.  We focus on the binding of mind, body and Spirit through following the breath, always listening for that still, quiet voice within.



I love this yoga studio! It’s a friendly, welcoming, and peaceful place to grow my practice.” ~ Kristi

4th Avenue Yoga, 1815 S. 4th Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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